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Aside from being the title of the third album on one of the most spontaneous, freewheelin’, and lyrically gifted musicians of this generation, “Urban Ruralization” is the process by which an urban area becomes culturally infused with the values of the rural population. Leading periodicals have speculated that so-called “greenspaces,” “brownfields”,” and communal gardens in the city of Detroit embody this concept.

Remember Mellencamp’s Rural Electrification Tour? This album is the opposite of that. On URBAN RURALIZATION, you will hear streetwise bumpkin CoachMahler pour his heart out to a basement full of Detroit hipsters who applaud not only his instant-classic songs, but also each and every one of his witticisms that bookend the never-heard-before tunes. The themes explored on URBAN RURALIZATION include love, spiritual yearning, and the search for home. The Coach also veers into humor, corporate scandal conspiracy theories, hip hop, and audience harassment. For 65 minutes, you can enter that cold Detroit basement where CoachMahler treated a select few to the inner workings and musical wanderings of an urban soul that is overcome with ruralisms.

Recorded in front of a live studio audience at the Tangled Up in Cords Studio in Ferndale, Michigan 2008
Engineered and Edited by Dave Lawson
Mastered by John Krohn (
Graphic design by Victoria Odson (
All songs and original artwork © 2008 Coachmahler, (
CD Duplication by Bermuda Mowhawk (
B&W photography by Matt Brown (, other photography by Dave Lawson