Lower Peninsula Records is...
A record label based in Lansing, Michigan. The intention behind the label is to release vinyl records. Vinyl is a permanent audio format which does not require integrated circuits or even electricity to produce sound. Because phonograph records are physically bigger than other musical formats there is more opportunity to explore album artwork, liner notes, posters, etc.. People respect their record collection, in a way that most people do not respect their cd collection. I personally am intrigued by the physical nature of the sound reproduction and the often more evolved artistic statement that something like a gatefold jacket, for instance, enables artists to achieve. For these reasons, I choose to deal only in vinyl.

And you are...
John Krohn. Nice to meet you. I also play various instruments in various bands, and run a small commercial recording studio. Commercial in the sense that I charge money, not in the sense that I record jingles or anything. I mostly record all forms of independent popular music.

'Lower Peninsula' is a geographical reference to Michigan. Do you only release Michigan bands?
No, I would release anybody's music. The thing is, I live here so I mostly meet bands from here. I'm really not into combing the internet for new music - I prefer to discover bands in person or through word of mouth. It just happens organically and it's great. If you want to have your music released on my label, we could talk. That would be fine.

What can you offer us, as a band, by being on your label?
Very little. I will pay for your record (or at least help), I'll distribute it (usually in person) to record stores across the country and across the world, I'll sell it from this website, and I'll use my supposed expertise (and several creative friends) to create the coolest looking, best sounding, lowest-cost product that we can. I'll also tell people that you and your music are cool. Who knows if they'll believe me. What I don't do is like, promote you on myspace or get you reviewed in pitchfork or whatever. I just make records. Because of this, most bands don't consider themselves to be 'on' Lower Peninsula Records, rather they just release phonograph records through Lower Peninsula, and rely on a more traditional label for promotion.

Can you elaborate on your physical distribution?
For now, I distribute my records myself. That means taking records with me whenever and wherever I travel, and stopping in to independent record stores to talk to the buyers and convince them that they will be able to sell my records. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. At this point, I don't go through any of the big distros. Partially because it's a pain in the ass, and partially because the big distros take such a huge cut that I would be forced to choose between marking up the end cost for the customers (they would be better off just ordering it from my website) or cutting into my profit margin to the point where this becomes not worth it, financially. I like that I get to shake hands and talk shop with record store dudes across the country and world, and I try my hardest to make my records look and sound great. True lovers of vinyl rarely pass on the chance to support small independent labels who make quality records, and are willing to hoof them around in person to every store they can. That's how I roll. All that being said, I am looking for labels/distros outside of the United States with which I can partner to increase Lower Peninsula Records' availability abroad. If that's you, get in touch.

Why is your website so low-tech?
Hey man, this is DIY. I don't have much time at the end of the day to learn CSS and PHP and all that jazz, so I mostly rely on friends to do me occasional favors if I need to do more than basic html text editing. It's important to me that my website is built uniquely from the ground up, so I avoid things like wordpress. I like my site - it's simple, functional, and I think it looks sharp. That being said, if you see room for improvement and would like to help, feel free to get in touch. I am all about trading services, especially with other local DIY folks.

How can I get in touch with you?

to be continued...