What is Deep Deep Pink?

A home studio. Our first home was in a basement in East Lansing, which had pink walls, a pink ceiling, and pink carpet. Thus the name. We're now located in downtown Lansing, and continue to offer the area's best value in professional recording.

We specialize in making quality recordings for bands on a budget. A great sounding demo for a tight live band with not too many overdubs can usually be done for under $250. However, with our band-friendly pricing, you could easily create your masterpiece for a fraction of the cost of a "real" studio. Our philosophy is to create a fun, productive atmosphere for making music, not to squeeze you for every cent. Feel free to call John at (517)325-3840 and chat about your project.

What's your setup like?

Our studio is also our home. A home dedicated to recording, with a dedicated control room, isolated areas for loud amps, and a main room for drums. It's a victorian style house with all hardwood floors and nine foot ceilings, built in 1910. It sounds great! A headphone distribution system keeps everybody on the same page, and the whole band may stand in the same room to record live, if they would like. I can do 24 tracks simultaneously, in 24bit, 96khz digital quality. Or, if you prefer the sound of tape, we can record eight simultaneous tracks of pure analog on our reel-to-reel. You can opt to record the entire band at once, or build the session track-by-track. In the end, you walk away with a master cd, ready to duplicate, and/or raw .wav data which you can use/mix/manipulate as you see fit.

I am also equipped to make live recordings, and can travel to record your event for my hourly rate plus travel expenses (gas, food, lodging).

What about mics, processors, instruments, etc?

See the complete list.

Can I hear what you've done?

Absolutely. Listen to the samples.

So how much does it cost?

Current rates are $20 an hour for tracking, mixing, and mastering. That's about the best deal out there, if you liked the sound of the example tracks. I try to keep it real, since most of this industry is designed to support the current system of bands buying their way to mild success. Fuck that. See the F.A.Q. section for block rates..

How can we sign up?

You can email us directly: fuseitinthesun@yahoo.com.


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